YouTube Removal


YouTube Removal

Your business can’t afford even one negative video review.

Online reviews, case studies and testimonials are increasingly important for businesses as consumers are putting more emphasis on a company’s online reputation. Reports estimate between 61% and 88% of consumers comb through online reviews before taking action, depending on which study and which industry is evaluated. Even one negative review can drive sales down by 22%.

Of these reviews, videos are the most damaging.

The influential power of video

As potential customers research future buying decisions, videos are likely to grab their attention. In search, videos have a 41% higher click through rate than text. Viewers are also more likely to engage with and share a video compared to a text counterpart.

This makes video more likely to be seen than other forms of content. And, once it’s seen, video is very influential. 51.9% of marketers claim video is responsible for their highest ROI. This is in part because video (and other rich media) creates a feeling of trust and evokes emotions.

For these reasons, having just one negative video review of your company, product, or employee experience can spell disaster for your business.

If you’re faced with one or more negative videos about your company on YouTube, you have two basic options: hide (suppress) it, or remove it.

Suppression vs. Removal

Suppression is the act of burying a link so deep in search that people will likely never find it. Removal refers to completely and permanently taking down content.


As stated, this method doesn’t actually remove the content. It’s still possible to find it online, although more difficult.

To suppress negative links, you’ll need favorable content that outranks the negative. If done right, this strategy will take quite some time. Although some services offer instant suppression, the results likely won’t last long.

Because of the way that Google (and other search engines) work, good quality posts and pages (the ones that stick around for a long time), take time to earn a high rank. Lesser quality posts, and posts that rise very high in the search very quickly, will likely fall off the first page in a few days or weeks.

You’ll also need to consider your odds of beating the competition. In this case, it’s very unlikely. Because YouTube is a large site with lots of content, their videos rank very highly. If the offending party has taken any action to optimize their video for search, you’re even less likely to beat it in rank.

Is suppressing content with high quality posts and white hat SEO a viable solution? Possibly. According to Moz, a well respected SEO and online marketing software company, customers rarely search beyond the first page of Google. They report that only 2% of searchers even look beyond the first 5 results.

Assuming you have the time to build high quality content, and the ability to beat the video in search for all relevant keywords, it could be an option.

Of course, a better option is to remove the content entirely.


Removing content from the internet is a permanent solution (unlike suppression). Not only will this remove content from search, but also make it impossible for customers to accidentally come across the video by following links.

However, unless you own the content yourself, removal is quite difficult.

  • Option 1: The first option is to contact the person directly and ask for a removal. Be aware that there are risks associated with this. For instance, this person might decide to publicly announce your persistence to remove negative comments about your brand, making the situation worse.
  • Option 2: The second option is to take legal action against the hosting party. If what they have posted is illegal, you may pursue a court order to have the content removed. Of course, this takes time and fees and the outcome is dependent upon whether the content is actually illegal, or not.
  • Option 3: Partner with a company who works closely with YouTube content and has a successful record for completely and totally removing content.


How DeleteThis! removes YouTube videos

Our proprietary formula works in combination with YouTube’s own algorithms to quickly and permanently remove offensive content, making it impossible for anyone to view again (even with a direct link).

Working with YouTube’s own algorithms allows us to quickly and easily adapt to changes, which help us bring down negative content, quickly.

Here’s how the process works:

Choose the video(s) you’d like deleted. Then, create an account. We’ll work in the background to delete the content, as quickly as possible. Some content is removed in as little as one day. Other content can take up to 45 days.

We work directly with YouTube, using their tools and technology to get content taken down. This allows us to easily adapt to their changing policies, at any time.

Track the deletion process inside your dashboard. We’ll keep you updated each step of the way.

While we’re removing the negative content, choose to use our PromoteThis! service. We’ll boost your image in search by promoting your most flattering content. This includes social media, interviews, features, videos and any other content you choose.

All of our services are 100% guaranteed. If we don’t improve your online reputation, you’ll receive a full refund.

DeleteThis! is an online reputation management company specializing in removing (not just suppressing) unwanted content. We work with popular platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, to quickly and permanently take down damaging content.