Social Media Removal


Social Media Removal

Word of mouth marketing has always had a powerful impact on consumer behavior. When buyers hear about products and services from a trusted and personal source, they’re more likely to trust and use that company in the future.

Social media has turned word of mouth marketing into a powerhouse by adding two factors: speed and reach. Offline, a person might tell 6 or 7 people about his experience. Online, that number might increase to a few hundred and grow exponentially if that person is an influencer, or if the content is shared even once.

On social, messages move very quickly. Stories can spread in just minutes. With billions of people across the world logging into their social accounts multiple times a day, your potential customers will see any information that’s being spread.

If that content is negative, the potential for damage to your bottom line is huge. Buyers weigh the opinions of their social group heavily, and it doesn’t take many reviews to turn them off to your company forever. A recent report predicts you’ll lose 22% of would be customers if they’re exposed to just one negative review – and that’s in search. It’s possible that number would increase if the content is passed on by a friend or influencer within their social circle as 51% consider it a reputable source for making purchasing decisions.

With risks so high, managing your online reputation via social media is vital to the survival of your business.

Managing your social media reputation

Many companies find managing their social media reputation very difficult, especially small companies with limited resources. With so many social channels and all of the information coming in quickly, it’s easy to miss user generated content.

First, you’ll need to know what’s already out there. There are tools that allow you to audit and monitor your brand’s presence on social (such as Mention). This will help you keep track of conversations that surround your brand and relevant keywords in your industry.

Next, create an engagement plan. Your social image goes beyond simply posting a few times a week. A big part of social is interacting with potential and existing customers. That means responding to existing posts and comments when they come up, even if they’re negative.

When customers complain on social, they expect a quick response. A report by Convince and Convert claims 42% of customers expect a response within 60 minutes, 32% within just 30 minutes.

Dealing with harassment on social media

It’s important to remember that most reviewers and commenters are attempting to give helpful feedback. One study states 90% of reviewers claim that they leave negative reviews in an attempt to help other customers. Although most users intend to help, many reviews and posts are not genuine. The University of Illinois found that one-third of reviews are fake and posted with the intent of boosting or ruining a reputation.

If this is the case, it’s important to take action to stop or remove the posts from view. Unfortunately, social media sites are not required to remove content, nor will they if the posts do not go against any of their community rules.

Many users have become frustrated attempting to remove negative content, as evident in Facebook’s help forum.

Removing Content

If the content doesn’t violate the terms of the platform, the website is under no obligation to remove the post. The Communications Decency Act exempts social media sites from responsibility when users post. This makes it difficult to have most content removed.

You have two options for removal.

  • First, if the content violates laws in your country, you may pursue legal action. This is expensive and may take some time. Sites are not required to act until a court order is issued.
  • Second, if the content is not illegal or you wish not to pursue legal action, DeleteThis! offers social media deletion. Our process works with popular platforms to get content removed, quickly and permanently.

How DeleteThis! removes negative content

Our proprietary formula works in combination with the social media platform’s own algorithms to quickly and permanently remove offensive content, making it impossible for anyone to view again (even with a direct link).

Working with the platform’s own algorithms allows us to quickly and easily adapt to changes, which help us bring down negative content, quickly.

Here’s how the process works:

Choose the content you’d like deleted. Then, create an account. We’ll work in the background to delete the content, as quickly as possible. Some content is removed in as little as one day. Other content can take up to 45 days.

We work directly with the platform, using their tools and technology to get content taken down. This allows us to easily adapt to their changing policies, at any time.

Track the deletion process inside your dashboard. We’ll keep you updated each step of the way.

While we’re removing the negative content, choose to use our PromoteThis! service. We’ll boost your image in search by promoting your most flattering content. This includes social media, interviews, features, videos and any other content you choose.

All of our services are 100% guaranteed. If we don’t improve your online reputation, you’ll receive a full refund.

DeleteThis! is an online reputation management company specializing in removing (not just suppressing) unwanted content. We work with popular platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, to quickly and permanently take down damaging content.