How to Delete a Youtube Video


How to Delete a Youtube Video

(even if the channel has refused to take it down, Youtube won’t respond, and you have no legal recourse)

“I can own up to bad reviews, but this video testimonial isn’t even fair.”

“I’m terrified that potential customers will stumble across this damaging video before I even have a chance to make a good impression.”

“The person making these video reviews was never even a customer of mine. I don’t know why they’re doing this.”

“I just want to remove video from YouTube, why is it so complicated?”

Can you relate?

You’re not alone.

Have you ever wondered, “how do I delete a Youtube video if I don’t own the channel, and if Youtube won’t respond?”

It can feel hopeless. After all, you’re not in control of what others post. Unfortunately, you and your business are the ones who bare the brunt of the consequences for a damaging, harassing, or simply embarrassing video.
But there is a way to permanently and completely remove video from Youtube, once and for all.
You may know Delete This as the company that removes damaging and harassing videos from Youtube for businesses around the world, but that wasn’t always the case.
We started as a non-profit, helping children and teens who were bullied on social media. Soon after learning how we could remove YouTube videos for children who felt alone and helpless, we realized that they weren’t the only ones who needed our help. YouTube is a place where businesses are targeted and harassed, daily.

Many of the posts are unfair (and just plain untrue) and ultimately ruin a business that a good person spent their lives building. We knew we could help. We knew we had to help.
After all, we’re business owners ourselves. We know what kind of time, energy, and investments go into building businesses that support families.

Negative YouTube videos cause major damage

Negative reviews and damaging content is a death sentence for your brand. It used to be that a dissatisfied customer would tell 6 of his best friends about his experience. Now, the prevalence of social media has made it possible (and very tempting) to tell 6000 buddies, with just a single post.

If just one negative video rises to the top of search, you’re likely to lose 22% of potential customers. If 4 squeak onto the top page, you’re less 70% of customers. You simply can’t afford that.

Because YouTube videos are favored in search, and because neither YouTube nor the channel owner have any obligation (and usually, no desire) to remove the videos, it’s important that you take control of your brand reputation and take action to remove YouTube videos yourself.

YouTube videos are favored in search.

Besides being the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is also owned by Google, giving their videos priority in search.

Google reserves special places for YouTube videos, right on the top of the search page. Videos with the phrase, “how to” or “reviews” or a number of other phrases get special priority in a Google search.

This means that, without even trying, customers can easily stumble upon negative video reviews, just by doing a simple search for your product, service, company, or anything else within your niche.

If customers locate negative reviews early in the shopping experience, they’re likely to steer clear of your company, without ever giving you a second chance.

YouTube is also the second largest search engine on the internet. Your customers are using this video platform to gather intel about their purchasing decisions, before they’ve even visited your web site.

If you’re not controlling the search for your product name, company name, and niche, someone else is. That someone else could have something negative to say about your products, and that spells disaster for your business.

Think YouTube will work with you? Think again.

YouTube isn’t required to remove videos that are damaging to your business, nor do they have interest in getting in the middle of a feud. If there is no legal reason for the media giants to remove video from youtube, they won’t. 

Don’t have a legal reason for how to remove a video from youtube?

You won’t have any luck fighting them alone. YouTube will remove content for copyright infringement, but not much else.

Even if you do have legal reasons to pursue a take down, you’ll be required to provide court orders just to enforce the decision.

Without a court order, no one (neither the channel owner nor YouTube) is required to follow your orders. Waiting for court dates and documents can be costly, considering the consequences of a negative review (especially if that review is ranking in search).

DeleteThis! will permanently and completely delete a youtube video for you

This is where we come in

We work with YouTube’s own algorithms to get damaging content taken down, quickly and permanently. 

Other companies suppress content by pushing it down in search. We don’t believe this is a viable solution (because it can still be found, and can rise in search at a later date).

Instead, we work to have the video flagged, and permanently remove a video from youtube.

This is the only solution for businesses who want to repair and boost their reputation, so that they can continue to thrive.

Will our service work for you?

Because of our ongoing work with businesses, bullies, and social media, we are able to work with YouTube’s existing algorithms to how to delete a youtube video quickly and permanently.

Our solution will work for you, even if…

  • You don’t own the YouTube channel.
  • The channel owner won’t remove the video for you.
  • YouTube hasn’t responded to requests, or has denied your requests.
  • You have no legal authority to have the video removed.

Once the video is removed, you’ll feel confident again with customers researching your business online. When they search for your company, product, or service, they’ll find positive reviews, and favorable content that you control.

Imagine the peace that comes from knowing that you are in control of your online reputation.

Our No Risk Guarantee

DeleteThis! is the only reputation management company that can guarantee complete and permanent content removal from the pages such as YouTube and Facebook. We stand behind our process with a no risk, money back guarantee. We’ll completely remove a video from youtube as well as remove the damaging content from the internet within our agreed time period, or you will receive a full refund, refunded to your method of payment within 72 hours. 

We will restore your online reputation.

To begin your journey toward a glowing online reputation, and to recoup the customers that you’re currently losing, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Use the form below to contact us today. We’ll work with you to remove youtube video as quickly as possible, so your business doesn’t lose another customer!