3 Surefire ways to build your business’ credibility

Every business, from local brick and mortar to online service providers, credibility is a major factor when it comes to making sales and keeping customers. Past generations relied on personal relationships to determine the trustworthiness of a company, but today’s modern shoppers exist in a global market where merchant and consumers may carry on for […]

How to improve your online reputation by ranking videos on YouTube

Want such a glowing online reputation that leads are flocking to your company in droves? Of course you do. That’s why you need to learn how to rank highly on YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. The self-generated video platform receives more than 30 million visitors per day. Besides the views that […]

5 White hat techniques for getting more great online reviews

What potential customers see when they seek you out online can make the difference between securing a transaction, or giving it up to your customers. Many consumers report needing to see at least one online review (many want more than one) before trusting a company enough to buy a product or service. The more positive […]

5 Tips for local businesses who want to manage their online reputation

Concerned about your reputation? Don’t forget to factor your online reputation into the equation, even if you’re a local business. Bright Local’s 2014 survey found that 88% of consumers weigh online reviews before making a purchase or visiting a local establishment. With numbers so high, you don’t want to risk making a bad impression! Unfortunately, […]

4 tools to help you assess the state of your online reputation

Perhaps you’ve heard all the wonderful things that happen when you improve your online reputation and you’re ready to get started (if you haven’t, check out this post to find out some of the benefits). As scary as it might feel, the first step is to evaluate where you stand. That includes combing through all […]

5 Places you forgot to search when evaluating your business’ online reputation

How well do you really know what your customers are finding out about you online? You probably already know that your online reputation is important. It’s been shown to influence everything from trust and loyalty to sales and average purchase amount. It’s one of the key driving factors of whether your business will thrive or […]

3 Simple steps for improving your customer service across social media platforms

(so you can give your online reputation a major boost) In a world where many of our daily conversations take place online, it’s important to show up and impress, whenever possible. The way you interact with customers on social media is a big part of your online reputation. Potential customers are watching. The way you […]

3 simple steps to set up your Hootesuite dashboard for easy online reputation management

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” -Andrew Grant You’ve done everything possible to represent your business in the most trustworthy and professional light. Unfortunately, your image is created by users across the web, not just you and your employees. Posting reviews, opinions and experiences has become easier than ever, thanks […]

The complete guide to online reputation management for businesses

With more and more information at our fingertips, businesses are now under a microscope when it comes to customer service. Negative interactions with businesses that once would have been shared with a few close friends are now spread far and wide across the internet. How companies manage their reputation is vital for the growth and […]

3 quick steps to immediately improve your business’ online reputation

Can your business survive with 70% fewer customers? Not many can. If you have a negative online reputation, you’re at risk. According to Invesp, a business with just 4 negative reviews in sight will lose 70% of their sales. This is especially true if you’re a new or small business who doesn’t have many positive […]